UNIGE GitLab Community Edition

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Starting from February 25, 2021, all UNIGE member must have a SWITCH edu-ID account to log into this platform.

Please follow the instructions here.

Users from other institutions from the SWITCHaai federation are not impacted.

New SSH public key fingerprints since 31 August, 2022:

with the SHA256 hash algorithm:
ECDSA:   mAMmVBgqyoZpfNdtvQqxpcyudvZik8Tfrt+IC74tjuQ
ED25519: sHDtwc3fzo04qe9eUhQ6pRClQigAen42KTIn3nTOYq4
RSA:     Ts/vPJ35vOnZybFaDuBH3W0gKloLN3nNjdp8aM0jA/g
with the MD5 hash algorithm:
ECDSA:   76:ef:23:36:5b:70:28:df:01:73:f2:ab:cb:40:e0:ad
ED25519: f6:a6:28:d6:ae:27:f6:6c:56:a4:2a:65:c1:21:bf:98
RSA:     90:39:77:76:c2:01:29:89:8f:f1:69:1e:c3:8c:ff:4a
UNIGE GitLab Community Edition