Commit 5b703ab3 authored by Cédric BRINER's avatar Cédric BRINER Committed by Cédric BRINER
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tomcat: link /etc/ssl

parent 268ec521
......@@ -1368,7 +1368,7 @@ EOF
pb "- server_chain.crt" | indent 3
make_distant_link "${h}" /etc/ssl/certs/idp${ltp_suffix}.unige.ch_chain.crt /etc/ssl/certs/server_chain.crt
pb "- server.key" | indent 3
make_distant_link "${h}" /etc/ssl/private/idp${ltp_suffix} /etc/ssl/certs/server.key
make_distant_link "${h}" /etc/ssl/private/idp${ltp_suffix} /etc/ssl/private/server.key
# rebuild tomcat
echo -e " \e[34m- rebuild war (rebuild the war, stop tomcat, remove old war, start tomcat)\e[0m"
if test ${RESTART_DAEMON} = "True"
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