Commit 579266b9 authored by Cédric BRINER's avatar Cédric BRINER
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extract-log-mfa: manage the clic back

parent 89bb907e
......@@ -2033,8 +2033,12 @@ function extract_log_mfa_jsessionid
zgrep -w "${username}" "${logpath}"
#zgrep -iA1 User-Name "${logpath}" | grep -v -- -- | grep -v User-Name
zgrep -PiA1 "^User-Name: ${username}" "${logpath}" \
| grep -Pv -- '^--$|^User-Name: \S+$'
) | grep -Po "jsessionID:\S+" | sort -u | cut -d ":" -f2
function extract_log_mfa
......@@ -2042,7 +2046,7 @@ function extract_log_mfa
pr "A username should be provided"
for logpath in $(ls -t1 /opt/shibboleth-idp/logs/idp-process*); do
for logpath in $(ls -t1 ${IDP_HOME}/logs/idp-process*); do
pb "check log $(basename $logpath) to find user (${username})"
for jsessionid in $(extract_log_mfa_jsessionid "$username" "${logpath}"); do
pb " - found jsesionID: ${jsessionid}"
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