Commit 43ed0664 authored by Cédric BRINER's avatar Cédric BRINER Committed by Cédric BRINER
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minor bug

parent 876d298e
......@@ -1346,7 +1346,7 @@ EOF
sscp "tomcat7 tomcat-users.xml" /etc/tomcat7/tomcat-users.xml root@${h}:/etc/tomcat7/tomcat-users.xml
sscp "tomcat7 manager.xml" /etc/tomcat7/Catalina/localhost/manager.xml root@${h}:/etc/tomcat7/Catalina/localhost/manager.xml
# check that tomcat7 user is in group ssl-cert
pb "Does tomcat7 is un group ssl-cert:"
pb " - tomcat7 in group ssl-cert:"
if ssh root@${h} "id tomcat7|grep -qFb ssl-cert"; then
pg "Yes !" | indent 3
......@@ -1358,7 +1358,7 @@ EOF
# do link for /etc/tomcat7/server.xml
pb "do link for /etc/tomcat7/server.xml credentials"
pb " - do link for /etc/tomcat7/server.xml credentials"
if [[ $ltp != "prd" ]];then
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