Commit 932614d4 authored by Marios Fanourakis's avatar Marios Fanourakis

temporary fix for curves not displaying when they contain nan values

parent ddeac5f0
......@@ -122,8 +122,9 @@ class DataInlet(Inlet):
this_x = np.hstack((old_x[old_offset:], ts[new_offset:]))
# append new data to the trimmed old data
this_y = np.hstack((old_y[old_offset:], y[new_offset:, ch_ix] - ch_ix))
# replace the old data
self.curves[ch_ix].setData(this_x, this_y)
# replace the old data
# FIXME with temp fix for curves not showing if there are nan values
self.curves[ch_ix].setData(this_x, np.nan_to_num(this_y), connect='finite')
class MarkerInlet(Inlet):
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