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Add dummy data tests

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This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ from scipy import interpolate, ndimage, signal
from skimage.morphology import skeletonize
from skimage import img_as_ubyte
from skimage.draw import disk
from random import randrange
import itertools
......@@ -3749,3 +3753,43 @@ def autocorrelate(data, mode='full', padding=None, normalise=True):
padded=np.pad(normalised, l, padding)
return signal.fftconvolve(normalised, padded[::-1,::-1], mode='same')/data.size
return signal.fftconvolve(normalised, normalised[::-1,::-1], mode=mode)/data.size
def generate_triangular_lattice(lattsize = 1000, r=10, dr=0, d=50, dd=0):
Generate a triangular lattice of circles with disorder, Usefull to test autocorrelation
lattsize : int, the shape of the resulting array will be (lattsize, lattsize)
r : the mean radius of the circles in the lattice
dr : the standard deviation of the distribution of radii (each individual circle radius is
drawn from a normal distribution with mean r and standard deviation dr)
d : int, the mean distance between two circles on the lattice
dd : the standard deviation of the shift of the position of each circle (each circle will be
shifted from its ideal position by an amount drawn from a normal distribution with mean
0 and standard deviation dd)
A lattsize x lattsize numpy array with 1 at the positions of the circles and 0 elswhere
y_spacing = int(d*np.sqrt(3)/2)
lattice = np.zeros((lattsize, lattsize))
centers = []
for i, y in enumerate(range(0, lattsize + y_spacing, y_spacing)):
for x in range(0, lattsize + d, d):
direction = 2*np.pi*np.random.random()
size = np.random.normal(0, dd)
x_shift = size*np.cos(direction)
y_shift = size*np.sin(direction)
if i%2 == 1:
centers.append((x + d//2 + x_shift, y + y_shift))
centers.append((x + x_shift,y + y_shift))
for center in centers:
lattice[disk(center, r + np.random.normal(0, dr), shape=(lattsize, lattsize))] = 1
return lattice
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