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......@@ -116,9 +116,15 @@
<q>I have received as stated</q> [<ref type="internal" target="11256.xml"
<p>Another form of the main verb can be seen occasionally e.g. [<ref type="internal"
target="15078.xml">15078</ref>] <term xml:lang="grc">ἐμετρή[θ]ησαν</term>,
and the construction <term xml:lang="grc">ὁμολογεῖ... μεμετρῆ(σθαι)</term> is
also found [<ref type="internal" target="22229.xml">22229</ref>].</p>
target="15078.xml">15078</ref>] <term xml:lang="grc">ἐμετρή[θ]ησαν</term>.
<p>Sitologos receipts are also composed as objective statements in the form of a <ref type="descr" target="#gt_syngr">syngraphe</ref>, with an infinitive construction e.g. [<ref type="internal"target="3124.xml">3124</ref>, <ref type="internal"target="22229.xml">22229</ref>,<ref type="internal"target="43263.xml">43263</ref>].
[<term xml:lang="grc">ὁμολογεῖ</term>...<term xml:lang="grc">μεμετρῆ(σθαι)</term>]
[<term xml:lang="grc">παρὰ</term><hi rend="italic">name</hi> &lt;gen.&gt; (<hi rend="italic">taxpayer</hi>)]
[<hi rend="italic">amount</hi> &lt;acc.&gt;] written first in words and then numerically.
An <term xml:lang="grc">ἀντιγραφεύς</term> or clerk signs to say that he has checked the amount and adds a [date] at the end.<p>
<p>Receipts issued for private transactions (<term xml:lang="lat">metrema</term>
receipts) can be distinguished by the use of the verb in the third person <term
xml:lang="grc">μεμέ(τρηται)</term> e.g. [<ref type="internal"
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