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Update penthemeros.xml

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......@@ -137,13 +137,13 @@
<item>The month and the actual dates of the labour; </item>
<item>The specific location of the work – usually the name of the canal or dyke
e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="14301.xml">14301</ref>] <term
xml:lang="grc">ἐν διώ (ρυγι) Χομηνιακῇ</term>, <q>in the Chomenis
xml:lang="grc">ἐν διώ(ρυγι) Χομηνιακῇ</term>, <q>in the Chomenis
canal</q>, or [<ref type="internal" target="12320.xml">12320</ref>]
<term xml:lang="grc">ἐν χώ (ματι) καιν (ῆς) διώρ (υγος)</term>
<term xml:lang="grc">ἐν χώ(ματι) καιν(ῆς) διώρ(υγος)</term>
<q>on the new dyke of the canal</q> – and the region, e.g. [<ref
type="internal" target="9452.xml">9452</ref>] <term xml:lang="grc"
>Θεαδελ (φείας)</term>, [<ref type="internal" target="9393.xml"
>9393</ref>] <term xml:lang="grc">Καρα (νίδος)</term>;</item>
>Θεαδελ(φείας)</term>, [<ref type="internal" target="9393.xml"
>9393</ref>] <term xml:lang="grc">Καρα(νίδος)</term>;</item>
<item>The name of the labourer in full, i.e. with patronym, grandfather and
mother e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="9452.xml">9452</ref>] <term
xml:lang="grc">Τέως Κρονίωνος το(ῦ) Νεφερῶ(τος) μ(ητρὸς)
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