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update of liturgy_oath description for merge request !43

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......@@ -190,10 +190,6 @@
<ref type="internal" target="16555.xml">16555</ref>; <ref type="external"
target="">21582</ref> 212-213 CE,
<p>or [to <hi rend="italic">strategos</hi> &lt;dat.&gt;] [from <hi rend="italic"
>name</hi> &lt;nom.&gt;] [<ref type="internal" target="21618.xml"
>21618</ref> 138 CE, Oxyrhynchite nome; <ref type="internal"
<p>An exception is to be found in [<ref type="internal" target="17503.xml"
>17503</ref>], which has a typical letter opening, with χαίρειν. The names
of nominees are sometimes followed by identifiers (age, scars etc.) [<ref
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