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......@@ -108,12 +108,11 @@
<div type="section" n="2">
<head xml:id="format">Format</head>
<p>The format of camel declarations follows the model found in other declaration
types (census, pagan sacrifice (<term xml:lang="lat">libelli</term>),
notifications of death), i.e. the shape of the document corresponds to the <term
types (census, pagan sacrifice (<term xml:lang="lat">libellus</term>),
notification of death), i.e. the shape of the document corresponds to the <term
xml:lang="lat">pagina</term> standard, with the scribe writing along the
horizontal fibres [<ref type="internal" target="9075.xml">9075</ref>, <ref target="9081.xml" type="internal"
>9081</ref>, <ref type="internal" target="9097.xml">9097</ref>]. Of the examples in our
database the average dimensions are 20.3cm x 8.5cm. There can be a wide bottom
>9081</ref>, <ref type="internal" target="9097.xml">9097</ref>]. There can be a wide bottom
margin as space was left for the addition of the subscriptions [<ref target="9130.xml"
type="internal">9130</ref>, 10.3cm; <ref type="internal" target="9081.xml">9081</ref>, 6.8cm].
......@@ -129,7 +128,7 @@
type="internal" target="9097.xml">9097</ref>, <ref type="internal" target="14407.xml">14407</ref>]. A line can
sometimes separate the body of the text from the subscriptions [<ref
type="internal" target="15074.xml">15074</ref>], but this does not seem to appear as routinely
as in other declarations (e.g. notifications of death [<ref type="descr" target="#gt_decl_notifDeath"
as in other declarations (e.g. notification of death [<ref type="descr" target="#gt_decl_notifDeath"
<div type="bibliography"></div>
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