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......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
to recommend or formally introduce one person to another; it can be used to
recommend someone in either a private or official capacity e.g. [<ref
type="internal" target="1933.xml">1933</ref> 254 BCE, Arsinoite nome]
recommending a friend, or [<ref type="internal" target="3656.xml">3656</ref> 113
recommending a friend, or e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="3656.xml">3656</ref> 113
BCE, Tebtunis] introducing a substitute for a village meeting. Usually the bearer of
the letter himself is recommended to the recipient [<ref type="internal"
target="45063.xml">45063</ref> 135-136 CE, Karanis; <ref type="internal"
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@
</bibl> – an explanatory statement detailing why the bearer is being
commended to the recipient e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="1429.xml"
>1429</ref> ] <term xml:lang="grc">ἀφέσταλται δὲ ὑπό τε τοῦ
>1429</ref>] <term xml:lang="grc">ἀφέσταλται δὲ ὑπό τε τοῦ
<q>he has been sent by his father</q>; [<ref
target=";2;59192" type="external"
......@@ -166,16 +166,16 @@
<q>so that he may sail</q>, [<ref type="internal" target="705.xml">705</ref> 257
BCE, Philadelphia] <term xml:lang="grc">ἵνα ἐντύχηι</term>
<q>so that he might meet...</q>, [<ref type="internal" target="32145.xml"
>32145</ref> ] <term xml:lang="grc">ἵνα μήτις αὐτοῖς ἐπηριαν ποιήσι</term>
>32145</ref> ] <term xml:lang="grc">ἵνα μήτις αὐτοῖς ἐπήρειαν ποιήσι</term>
<q>so that they may not be mistreated</q>. </p>
<p>The closing formula remain the same as for <ref type="descr"
<p>The closing formula remains the same as for <ref type="descr"
target="#gt_letterPrivate">private letters</ref>; [<ref type="internal"
target="19590.xml">19590</ref> ] written to a strategos carries an extended
target="19590.xml">19590</ref>] written to a strategos carries an extended
closing greeting in the hand of the author <term xml:lang="grc">[ἐ]ρρῶσθαί σε
εὔχομαι, ἄδελφε τειμι[ώτ]ατε</term>. Sometimes a date is added e.g. [<ref
type="internal" target="2293.xml">2293</ref> , <ref type="internal"
target="1933.xml">1933</ref> ; <ref type="internal" target="23378.xml"
>23378</ref> ]. </p>
>23378</ref>]. </p>
<div type="section" n="2">
<head xml:id="format">Format</head>
......@@ -202,13 +202,13 @@
type="internal" target="23378.xml">23378</ref>] are examples with a
large top and bottom margin;</item>
<item>[<ref type="internal" target="1758.xml">1758</ref> 245 BCE Arsinoite nome;
<ref type="internal" target="3656.xml">3656</ref> ] are letters with
<ref type="internal" target="3656.xml">3656</ref>] are letters with
evenly spaced lines, but in [<ref type="internal" target="45063.xml"
>45063</ref> ] the scribe ran out of space.</item>
>45063</ref>] the scribe ran out of space.</item>
<p>A more careful layout can be seen in letters from the archive of the <term
xml:lang="lat">strategos</term> Apollonios: [<ref type="internal"
target="19590.xml">19590</ref> ] in <term xml:lang="lat">pagina</term>
target="19590.xml">19590</ref>] in <term xml:lang="lat">pagina</term>
format, has an enlarged first letter, with the first and third lines in <term
xml:lang="lat">ekthesis</term> to the the rest of the text, along with some
scribal flourishes – note the enlarged final iota of <term xml:lang="grc"
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