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another upon the death of a loved one or acquaintance; they refer to the deaths of
both adults [<ref type="internal" target="41797.xml">41797</ref> III CE, Arsinoite
nome] and children [<ref type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref> II CE,
Oxyrhynchus]. The work of reference for the letter of condolence is <bibl>
<ptr target="gramm:chapa1998"/>
<p>The letters made use of typical phrases of consolation some of which reflected
phrases found on contemporary epitaphs, see <bibl>
......@@ -85,18 +88,15 @@
<p>Other letters were dedicated wholly to expressing sympathy e.g. [<ref type="internal"
target="30997.xml">30997</ref> ]. A letter of condolence from Eirene [<ref
type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref> ] was written to Philo on the
target="30997.xml">30997</ref>]. A letter of condolence from Eirene [<ref
type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref>] was written to Philo on the
death of his child; separately to this, on the same day, Eirene wrote two other
letters to Philo concerning their business affairs, thus maintaining a clear
distinction between both communications, see <bibl>
<ptr target="gramm:kotsifou2012"/>
</bibl>. The work of reference for the letter of condolence is <bibl>
<ptr target="gramm:chapa1998"/>
</bibl>. </p>
<div type="section" n="1">
<head xml:id="structure">Structure</head>
<p>The opening formula is as for <ref target="#gt_letterPrivate" type="descr"
......@@ -104,14 +104,14 @@
is replaced by [<term xml:lang="grc">εὐψυχεῖν</term>] <q>be of good courage</q>
[<ref type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref> II CE, Oxyrhynchus], or
[<term xml:lang="grc">εὐθυμεῖν</term>] <q>be of good heart</q> [<ref
type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref> ]; one letter ends the
type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref>]; one letter ends the
opening formula with [<term xml:lang="grc">εὖ πράσσειν</term>] <q>be well</q>,
lit.<q>be prosperous</q> [<ref
target=";3;2" type="external"
>17952</ref> III CE, Alexandria]. The opening formula can include a kinship
expression e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="30997.xml">30997</ref> ]; one
expression e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="30997.xml">30997</ref>]; one
example has the extension [<term xml:lang="grc">τῇ τιμιωτάτῃ πλεῖστα
χαίρειν</term>] [<ref type="internal" target="41797.xml">41797</ref> ].
χαίρειν</term>] [<ref type="internal" target="41797.xml">41797</ref>].
Another letter is more like the opening of a <ref type="descr"
target="#gt_businessNote">business note</ref> than a letter of condolence:
[<ref type="internal" target="28089.xml">28089</ref> II CE] opens with the
......@@ -131,17 +131,17 @@
</bibl>; two documents are unusually long [<ref type="internal"
target="30997.xml">30997</ref> ; <ref
target=";3;2" type="external"
>17952</ref> ].</p>
<p>The closing formula can be [<term xml:lang="grc">ἐρρῶσθαί σε εὔχομαι</term>]
[<ref type="internal" target="41797.xml">41797</ref> ]. There are examples
[<ref type="internal" target="41797.xml">41797</ref>]. There are examples
where the opening and closing formulae are mixed: [<ref
target=";3;2" type="external"
>17952</ref>] opens with [<term xml:lang="grc">εὖ πράσσειν</term>] <q>be
well</q> and closes the letter [<term xml:lang="grc">εὐθυμεῖ</term>] <q>take
heart</q>; [<ref type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref> ] opens with
heart</q>; [<ref type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref>] opens with
[<term xml:lang="grc">εὐψυχεῖν</term>] <q>be of good courage</q> and closes
<term xml:lang="grc">[εὖ πράττετε</term>] <q>be well</q>. Another example
[<ref type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref> ] appears more
[<ref type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref>] appears more
symmetrical in its opening and closing formulae in that one clearly reflects the
other: it opens with [<term xml:lang="grc">εὐθυμεῖν</term>] and includes the
same sentiment in its rather elaborate closing, <term xml:lang="grc">ἐρρῶσθαί σε
......@@ -149,31 +149,31 @@
<q>I pray that you fare well, my lord, with my lord Spartiates be of good heart
with all the gods</q>, all written in the hand of the author. A date is not
usually present, but Eirene added a date to the end of her letter to Philo [<ref
type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref> ]; the date at the end of
[<ref type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref> ] relates to the
type="internal" target="28407.xml">28407</ref>]; the date at the end of
[<ref type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref>] relates to the
document appended rather than the letter of condolence.</p>
<div type="section" n="2">
<head xml:id="format">Format</head>
<p>The surviving letters are mostly in <term xml:lang="lat">pagina</term> format
with horizontal fibres; one is squarish [<ref type="internal" target="28407.xml"
>28407</ref> ] (H. 7.9 x W. 7.6).</p>
>28407</ref>] (H. 7.9 x W. 7.6).</p>
<div type="section" n="3">
<head xml:id="layout">Layout</head>
<p>The layout is usually careful, e.g. [<ref type="internal" target="28407.xml"
>28407</ref> ; <ref type="internal" target="30997.xml">30997</ref> ; <ref
type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref> ]. The letter to the
Alexandrian magistrate [<ref type="internal" target="30997.xml">30997</ref> ] is
type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref>]. The letter to the
Alexandrian magistrate [<ref type="internal" target="30997.xml">30997</ref>] is
probably unfinished: there is no closing greeting and the document may have
continued to a second column, see <bibl>
<ptr target="gramm:rea1986"/>
<citedRange>78, 20-21n</citedRange>
</bibl>. There is no closing formula at the end of [<ref type="internal"
target="28089.xml">28089</ref> ] even though there is a large enough space
target="28089.xml">28089</ref>] even though there is a large enough space
to accommodate one. The closing formula for the condolences of [<ref
type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref> ], written by the author, is
type="internal" target="17411.xml">17411</ref>], written by the author, is
tightly squeezed between the letter and the document enclosed.</p>
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