Commit 203154a9 authored by Susan Fogarty's avatar Susan Fogarty

Update letter_business.xml

parent ddde7dd8
......@@ -152,7 +152,8 @@
>26689</ref>], or one letter above the other [→ <ref type="external"
target=";3;775">31236</ref>; ↓
<ref type="internal" target="30388.xml">30388</ref>]. Sarri 112 notes that
<ref type="internal" target="30388.xml">30388</ref>]. <author>Sarri</author>
<ptr target="gramm:sarri2018"/> : 112 notes that
<q>letters that consist of more than one column often have the second column
narrower than the first, or, to be more precise, have the last column
narrower than the previous one(s)</q> [<ref type="external"
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