Commit 1205c3b1 authored by Elisa Nury's avatar Elisa Nury

Petition description.

parent 19d663a5
......@@ -77,7 +77,10 @@
grammateus</term>, prefect, <term xml:lang="lat">strategos</term>, <term
xml:lang="lat">epistrategos</term>, and local officials, as well as military
officials such as a centurion, decurion, or <term xml:lang="lat"
>beneficarius</term>. This description will concentrate on non-royal
>beneficarius</term>. For an in depth anaysis of these documents see <bibl>
<ptr target="gramm:baetens2020"/>
</bibl>. This description will concentrate on non-royal
petitions; royal petitions will be treated separately [<ref type="descr"
target="#gt_enteuxis">enteuxis</ref>]. </p>
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
<catDesc n="short">Business Note</catDesc>
<category xml:id="gt_petition">
<catDesc n="short">Petition</catDesc>
<catDesc n="short">Petition<ptr target="petition.xml" type="descr"/></catDesc>
<category xml:id="gt_ti_warrant">
<catDesc n="short">Warrant</catDesc>
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