Commit 0fe97cdf authored by Yann.Sagon's avatar Yann.Sagon
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update bench size

parent 67ce30ab
......@@ -22,12 +22,12 @@ BeeGFS storagebench
Write test
beegfs-ctl --storagebench --alltargets --write --blocksize=128K --size=200M --threads=2
beegfs-ctl --storagebench --alltargets --write --blocksize=128K --size=300G --threads=20
Read test
beegfs-ctl --storagebench --alltargets --read --blocksize=4K --size=200M --threads=2
beegfs-ctl --storagebench --alltargets --read --blocksize=4K --size=300G --threads=20
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