Commit 00f64e17 authored by Camille Tardy's avatar Camille Tardy
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change page title add course --> create Course (idem button)

Signed-off-by: Camille Tardy's avatarCamille Tardy <>
parent f1b86a8f
......@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ class core_renderer extends \theme_boost\output\core_renderer {
$heading = get_string('notifications', 'moodle');
} elseif (($this->page->pagetype == "course-edit" AND isset($_GET["category"])) OR ($this->page->pagetype == "course-edit" AND !isset($_REQUEST["id"])) ) {
// if category is set or if Request does not return a course id then its a new course creation
$heading = get_string('addnewcourse', 'moodle');
$heading = get_string('createnewcourse', 'moodle');
} elseif ($this->page->pagetype == "course-edit" AND isset($_GET["id"])) {
// if id is set then its an edition and not a creation
$heading = get_string('editcoursesettings', 'moodle');
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