Commit 0fa1c3d2 authored by Camille Tardy's avatar Camille Tardy
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Fix Form PARAM type definition

Signed-off-by: Camille Tardy's avatarCamille Tardy <>
parent 0ab3f882
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ class quiz_group_dispatchgrade_form extends moodleform {
$mform_dispatch->addElement('header', 'quizgroupdispatchgrades', get_string('titleapply', 'quiz_group'));
$mform_dispatch->addElement('html', "<p>".get_string('info_dispatchgrades', 'quiz_group')."</p>");
$mform_dispatch->addElement('hidden', 'groupingid');
//submit button
$mform_dispatch->addElement('submit', 'dispatch', get_string('apply', 'quiz_group'));
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ class quiz_group_settings_form extends moodleform {
//todo : fix hasattempt --> kills action button return url (bad quiz id)
// if attempt block edit.
/* $mform->addElement('hidden', 'hasattempts');
$mform->setDefault('hasattempts', false);
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