Commit 743578a8 authored by Homada.Boumedane's avatar Homada.Boumedane
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chore: package.json

add generate-models execution to the prepare step.
parent 3be9ad61
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
"cypress": "concurrently \"npm run start\" \"npm run cypress-open\"",
"cypress-open": "npm run cypress-environment-local && cypress open",
"cypress:ci": "npm run cypress-environment-local && cypress run",
"prepare": "npm run generate-version && npm run environment-local && npm run proxy-conf-local",
"prepare": "npm run generate-version && npm run environment-local && npm run proxy-conf-local && npm run generate-models",
"environment-local": "(cp -n src/assets/configurations/environment.local.ts-to-copy.txt src/environments/environment.local.ts || echo environment.local.ts already exists)",
"cypress-environment-local": "(cp -n src/assets/configurations/cypress-environment.local.ts-to-copy.txt cypress/integration/environments/cypress-environment.local.ts || echo cypress-environment.local.ts already exists)",
"proxy-conf-local": "(cp -n proxy.conf.js proxy.conf.local.js || echo proxy.conf.local.js already exists)",
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