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chore: update readme for open api generate model

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Do not edit file inside this folder manually !
If you want to add missing attributes to a model, create a new interface that extend the existing.
Generated automatically with `npm run generate-models` command.
This models file are partials and need to be re-exported into `src\app\models\index.ts`.
This allow to add missing attribute transparently for the rest of the app.
export interface DepositsExtended extends Deposits {
missingAttribute1?: string;
missingAttribute2?: number;
How to reexport into `src\app\models\index.ts`
import {Deposit as DepositPartial} from "../generated-api/model/deposit.partial.model";
export interface Deposit extends DepositPartial {
extraProperty?: number;
Generated automatically with `npm run generate-models` command.
Usage :
The rest of the app need to import model only form `src\app\models\index.ts` :
import {Deposit} from "@models";
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