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## [2.1.0-beta1]( (2022-02-16)
### Features
* [DLCM-1755] support OAI metadata prefixes ([4bff5ac](
* [DLCM-1827] add more info on archives in collections detail
table ([378a918](
* [DLCM-1985] apply sub action intention ([0d91b94](
* [DLCM-1999] subscription to different notifications into user
profile ([5a095d1](
* [DLCM-2000] check compliance level button for deposit
menu ([1216bc3](
* [DLCM-2002] manage pluralization in translate ([dd9a02c](
* [DLCM-2007] manage cookie consent ([bb928dd](
* [DLCM-2011] implement elasticsearch apm ([7d2faf8](
* [DLCM-2018] do not close org unit access request dialog if notification cannot be
created ([aaa2f78](
* [DLCM-2019] add logo to license ([16168f4](
* [DLCM-2021] clearly indicate default ACL expiration ([e77d7ef](
* [DLCM-2022] display in list action for copy id and show
history ([4be861b](
* [DLCM-2029] admin user form replace person select with searchable
select ([2947dae](
* [DLCM-2051] allow metadata update ([77354fc](
* [DLCM-2059] Adapt preservation job for order purge
job ([1bb85fb](
* add 'Centella' theme ([b9b59cf](
* add check compliance level preservation job ([2e63773](
* **Deposit:** add DELETING status ([59cb6d8](
* **IndexFieldAlias:** [DLCM-1672] add system property ([6fc4bd1](
### Bug Fixes
* [DLCM-1971] allow to sort by publication date ([33185f6](
* [DLCM-2020] display org unit logo even when only my org unit is
toggle ([b98f98c](
* [DLCM-2025] redirect always when read notification info about
deposit ([28cc944](
* [DLCM-2030] preson org unit role detect changes
problem ([895d145](
* [DLCM-2033] refactor deposit security layer and fix problem of
cache ([ab893d6](
* [DLCM-2036] do not display notification in person dialog when creating a person from
deposit ([0714b7b](
* [DLCM-2042] check if custom ngsw is needed ([5a9a163](
* [DLCM-2075, DLCM-2076] report validation errors in order
form ([33fc7db](
* [DLCM-2077-2081] simply css, replace flexbox with grid and fix file detail
page ([f8db2c0](
* [DLCM-2087] Do not show logo when creating new orgunits, institutions and
licences ([55d8d11](
* [DLCM-2088] click ignore on disable DOI input field on
firefox ([923f5a5](
* [DLCM-2092] display user avatar on create form ([45d66da](
* [DLCM-2095] unable to edit deposit when root and not member of org
unit ([c3b444f](
* [DLCM-2096] stop polling an order in error ([b7ad643](
* add color for package status inprogress and editing
metadata ([52a49a4](
* **archive download:** do not display preparation package when download token is
disabled ([4bdcb02](
* avoid to switch status editing metadata to in-progress when update
deposit ([9bc421c](
* build error by removing unwanted comma ([63038ed](
* checksum not injected in english error ([75d620a](
* **cookie consent:** [DLCM-2094] add management of download
token ([f1cfa24](
* deposit edit mode computed to late ([42c38ea](
* **deposit list:** filter status on all tab and remove fitler on other
tabs ([f10f739](
* **deposit:** avoid to submit twice when status is editing
metadata ([36c01ca](
* do not set the deposit status when do an update ([0fb9d78](
* highlightjs when live edit solidify ([0431c88](
* **http status:** [DLCM-2008] update enum http status
code ([4a0146c](
* **job:** [DLCM-2060] job execution list not refreshed after job
started ([518f029](
* lint config and lint error ([3f66e65](
* lint error ([0d4b3aa](
* lint error ([9bc920f](
* manage error durring init application and logging ([d03fba5](
* **oai prefix:** make description field mandatory ([6d094c3](
* **package.json:** use lowercase projects folders names in scripts (as repositories names in
Gitlab) ([245f8b0](
* **preservation job:** [DLCM-2050] unable to resume job in
error ([6d68d74](
* production local script ([20cd5d6](
* regenerate package lock ([ba2325c](
* replace lib for extract third party licenses ([76ade0a](
* solidify live edit ([fa79937](
* solidify live reload ([02367a1](
* ts config for live watch with solidify ([612b24f](
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