Commit 0f4ab50b authored by Florent Poittevin's avatar Florent Poittevin
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fix: lint error

parent c3266ad6
......@@ -132,12 +132,12 @@ export class SharedPersonState extends ResourceState<SharedPersonStateModel, Per
searchPerson(ctx: StateContext<SharedPersonStateModel>, action: SharedPersonAction.SearchPerson): Observable<CollectionTyped<Person>> {
const map = new Map<string, string>();
map.set("firstName", action.person.firstName);
map.set("lastName", action.person.lastName);
const searchItems = new Map<string, string>();
searchItems.set("firstName", action.person.firstName);
searchItems.set("lastName", action.person.lastName);
const queryParameters = new QueryParameters(); = {
searchItems: map,
searchItems: searchItems,
return this.apiService.get<Person>(this._urlResource, queryParameters)
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