Commit 835a5a27 authored by Aitor Perez's avatar Aitor Perez

example diff eqns

parent d548d421
#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Sympy example: How to solve a differential equation using sympy
@author: a.perez
import sympy as sy
# Define a generic function u and its variable, t
u = sy.Function('u')
t = sy.symbols('t')
# We want to solve the differential equation u''(t) - u(t) = exp(t)
u_tt = sy.diff(u(t), t, t) # Second derivative of u wrt t
# (symbolic, since u is a generic function)
lhs = u_tt - u(t) # Left hand-side of the equation
rhs = sy.exp(t) # Right hand-side of the equation
eq = sy.Eq(lhs, rhs) # We create the equation
sol = sy.dsolve(eq, u(t)) # And we solve it using the function dsolve,
# wrt the function u(t)
# Now sol is the equation:
# u(t) = C2*exp(-t) + (C1 + t/2)*exp(t)
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