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Extrap: added info on Anderson mixing

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......@@ -525,4 +525,10 @@ If $\vec{v}_n$ is chosen such that
with possibly other constraints then $\hat{J}_{n+1} X_{n-k,k} \Delta = F_{n-k,k} \Delta$.
Anderson mixing solves $F_{n,k} \Delta \vec{u} = \fxi{n+k}$ in a least-squares sense then uses the step
\hat{\vec{x}}_{n+k+1} = \vec{x}_{n+k} - X_{n,k} \Delta \vec{u} + \beta \left ( \fxi{n+k} - F_{n,k} \Delta \vec{u} \right ).
For $\beta=0$ this is exactly the multisecant equations.
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